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Tambourines Vol. 1

Simple, effective, dirty tambourines.
Tambourines Vol. 1 artwork

Smooth Drums Vol. 2

Classic dirty drums collection.
Smooth Drums Vol. 2 artwork

1940s Pianos Vol. 2

Piano sounds with a 1940s vibe.
1940s Pianos Vol. 2 artwork

Two Guitars Vol. 1

Two electric guitars, slightly panned.
Two Guitars Vol. 1 artwork

Saturated Strings Vol. 1

Six string melodies with and without tremolo.
Saturated Strings Vol. 1 artwork
Smooth Samples studio

Smooth Samples: the good stuff

Quality audio samples written and performed by professional musicians and mixed and processed in-house at the Smooth Samples studios.

Colorful variations

Smooth Samples produces mostly one-shots and 2-, 4- and 8-bar loops and audio clips. Many samples are recorded in different keys and tempos.
Smooth Samples studio 2